Team Leader

NVQ Team Leader

This qualification is aimed at team leaders and supervisors who are primarily responsible for motivating their team members and meeting agreed outputs and targets within any industry sector, resolving issues and developing management skills. The optional units are chosen by the learner based on their work duties. Some examples include encouraging innovation in your team and provide learning opportunities for colleagues.

The qualification provides the people responsible for leading a team, across all sectors of employment, with the opportunity to demonstrate recognisable leadership skills such as allocating work, checking work and encouraging innovation. This is a work oriented qualification designed to benchmark the level and work standard of the candidate.
It gives candidates:

  • A clear understanding of their responsibilities within the organisation
  • Opportunities to develop new skills
  • Improved staff performance and motivation
  • Opportunities to improve the work of the team

The NVQ Team Leader qualification allows candidates to apply knowledge, understanding and skills to a national occupation level required by employers, thus proving competency in their job role. This qualification is a must for future managers.