Food Safety

It is essential for food safety that all food handlers are aware of the hazards and controls associated with the types of food they produce. Every year, many people are made ill and some even die as a result of eating contaminated food. Food businesses have a legal and moral obligation to ensure they are not contributing to these statistics.

Whatever the type of food being produced, controls must be put in place to ensure all types of contamination and temperature abuse are either eliminated completely or controlled to ensure safety.

The food business operator in any type of food business has a legal obligation to ensure that staff are supervised and instructed and/or trained in food hygiene matters to a level necessary for the type of activity they are carrying out. The most effective way of complying with this legal requirement is to obtain an appropriate, regulated qualification in food safety and ensure the knowledge gained is implemented in the workplace.

Level 2 Food Safety

Course Coverage
  • Legislation.
  • Food safety and hygiene hazards.
  • Temperature control.
  • Refrigeration, chilling and cold holding.
  • Cooking, hot holding and reheating.
  • Food handling.
  • Principles of safe food storage.
  • Cleaning.
  • Food premises and equipment.

Level 2 HACCP

The HABC Level 2 HACCP qualifications provide individuals with the knowledge they need to understand the principles of HACCP, in particular how to identify and control hazards, how to monitor controls and what action to take when critical limits are breached. They will also appreciate how their role can affect food safety and how they can contribute to the HACCP system and product safety.

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