Personal License

The BIIAB Level 2 Award for Personal License Holders is the prescribed qualification required by anyone wishing to apply to their local authority for a Personal Licence to sell alcohol.
A personal licence allows the holder to sell or authorises the sale of alcohol in England and Wales on any premises which holds a premises licence, club premises certificate or temporary events notice (TEN), which allows the licensable activity of the ‘Sale of Alcohol’; within the terms of that licence. 

The sale of alcohol without the approved authorisation carries a maximum penalty on conviction of a £20,000 fine and / or 6 months imprisonment.
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The APLH course and qualification acts as a safeguard for the premises licence, as it strengthens the defence of due diligence where prosecutions may affect a company's continued operations. This is because learners have to demonstrate key knowledge on the Licensing Act 2003 and the core licensing issues, in order to pass the APLH exam.

The personal licence course is also essential for anyone assuming the position of designated premises supervisor (DPS). A designated premises supervisor must hold a personal licence.