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Training 4 U Services (UK) Ltd

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Driving Theory

To prepare for the theory test the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) recommend

that all candidates study the Highway Code, Know Your Traffic Signs and the

relevant book from DSA's Driving Skills series.

The driving theory test has two parts, part one is a multiple choice test and part

two is a hazard perception test. If you are struggling to pass your driving theory

then we can help you.

We provide practical and theory lessons on hazard perception and theory test.

This course is for 10 sessions.  We aim to ensure after 10 lessons you will be competent in passing your driving theory and hazard perception.

Our course is tailored to suit each individuals needs.  The advantage of doing

the course through us is you can select the time and session you wish to attend.

We provide regular feedback of how you are performing after each session.