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Food Hygiene Legislation - From 1 January 2006, new EU food hygiene legislation has applied throughout the UK.  For further information please refer to the Food Standards Agency - General food law

Who has to comply with new EU regulations?
All Food business, whether private or public sector and whether profit or non-profit making that carry out any stage of production, processing and distribution of food.

What does the law say?
In order to comply with the law you must be able to demonstrate that you produce food safely. You can do this by demonstrating how you produce food to HACCP principles. All staff must have an appropriate level of knowledge of food hygiene in order to produce food safely. You must also register your premises with your local environmental health department.

What training do my staff need?
Food handlers must receive appropriate supervision, and be instructed and/or

trained in food hygiene, to enable them to handle food safely. Those responsible

for developing and maintaining the business's food safety procedures, based on HACCP principles, must have received adequate training. The requirements for training should be seen in the context of the nature and size of the business

How do you become compliant with the law?
Training food handlers is the easiest and most effective way to achieve compliance with the law. When you are audited by an Environmental Health Officer you must

be able to show what provision you have made for food hygiene training. By

training your staff to a National recognised Level 2 Food Safety you can

demonstrate as evidence that your staff have had adequate training and have an understanding of HACCP. A clear evidence of this is by gaining a National

recognised Level 2 Certificate in Food Safety. 

Food Hygiene & Training

We also provide Level 3 and Level 4 for food safety course for supervisors / managers or for anyone who wants to work in the food industry.

We provide Level 2 in Food Safety for the manufacturing and catering industry.  Our courses are accredited and upon successful completion every student will receive a National recognised Certificate.